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Year 11 Important Dates, Structured Revision ‘Yellow Box’ Sessions & Final Assembly

As your son/daughter moves into his/her final few weeks at Brighton Hill Community School before starting his/her GCSE Examination preparations, it is important that a few dates are shared with you as well as details of the Structured Revision sessions known as ‘Yellow Box Sessions’; these are attached.

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Taster Day at Basingstoke College of Technology

The day will begin with registration at 10:00am and finish at approximately 2:45pm - students will be required to wear full college summer uniform.

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Employability & Skills Day

I am writing to inform you of an Employability & Skills day we have planned for all Year 8 students that will be held on Wednesday, 29 April 2015.

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Year 11 Leavers’ Ball

I am writing to you to confirm that this year’s Year 11 Leavers’ Ball will take place on Sunday, 5 July 2015 at Oakley Hall. The evening starts at 7:30pm (until 11:30pm) and is always a fantastic way for you to celebrate your time at Brighton Hill Community School.

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Inspection of Brighton Hill Community School by Ofsted

We have just told your child’s school that we will inspect it on 22–23 April 2015. The lead inspector will be Helen Matthews. We are writing to you because we would like to know what you think about the school. Please take a few minutes to read the leaflet which came with this letter. It explains why we inspect schools, and what happens during an inspection.

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School Calendar and Important Dates

11-05-2015 - 25-06-2015


Year 11 GCSE Examinations



Year 9 Parents’ Evening

01-06-2015 - 05-06-2015


MFL GCSE Speaking Exams



Year 10 Parents’ Evening



HPV Injections

15-06-2015 - 26-06-2015


Year 10 PPE



Year 5 Day – All day

02-07-2015 - 03-07-2015


Year 6 Induction Day

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