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School Uniform

Published: 10-08-2021

Our uniform policy which contains our expectations of all elements of personal presentation, including hair and make-up, has been constructed in consultation with students, parents and staff.
It is school policy that all students wear the correct uniform when attending school, as well as for some school organised events.


We place importance and value on our school uniform, both as a mark of pride in the school as well as a positive identification with the school community.  In addition, a clear uniform policy can avoid conflict at home about what to wear.  Experience demonstrates that when students are smartly presented, this will positively influence their attitude in school, setting the tone for learning and progress.

Therefore, through our uniform policy we aim to:

  • Encourage pride in the school and support high quality teaching and learning
  • Enable students to be comfortable, safe and secure
  • Clearly identify students inside and outside the school
  • Ensure that no student feels excluded because of different social, religious and ethnic backgrounds
  • Encourage a sense of equality and cohesion, as well as esprit de corps
  • Protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • Promote a sense of cohesion and belonging within the school community 


All students are expected to wear the correct school uniform at all times during the school day.  This includes to and from school, as well as during some school organised events.  We expect all students to wear the uniform with pride and to conduct themselves appropriately when representing the school.  This also applies when students are off-site and in the school community (e.g. before and after school hours).

We expect all students, supported by their parents, to take personal responsibility for the presentation of their uniform and to ensure their uniform is worn correctly and consistently.

Parents should contact their child’s tutor if there are any personal circumstances affecting their child wearing the correct uniform, in order to make a swift resolution.  If a note is provided, we would expect parents to notify the school of the date that their child will be expected to be back in full uniform.  We would expect all uniform issues to be resolved by the following school week.  If parents are unable to make the necessary changes (e.g. purchase a new item of school uniform) within the acceptable time frame, parents should contact their child’s Head of Year to express this concern.  If parents are unable to afford new items of uniform within the acceptable time frame, the school may agree to pay for these on the proviso that the school will be reimbursed by the parents when they are able to do so – in such circumstances a suitable re-payment plan would be agreed. 

Supplies / Cost of Uniform

We want to ensure that the cost of uniform does not deter any family from applying for a school place for their child, nor leads to them feeling socially excluded or unable to afford parts of the uniform.  The uniform is reviewed regularly to ensure that good quality clothing is provided at an affordable price which best suits the needs of all students.  If there are any changes to the supplier of school uniform, parents and guardians will be notified in due course and with sufficient time to reasonably implement any changes.

Application of the Uniform Policy

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child attends school wearing correct uniform (please see the Home School Agreement).  Although all staff have a responsibility for monitoring that students are correctly dressed in class and elsewhere on the school site, the main responsibility will lie with the tutor.  Appendix A, B and C detail the school’s expectations for uniform items and appearance.

Students not conforming to the School Uniform Policy

A student wearing non-uniform clothing can expect to be challenged in school.  If a note (or other similar contact from parents/guardians), a temporary uniform permit will be issued for a maximum duration of 1 school week. Parents are expected to provide a note explaining incorrect uniform on the day (or in advance of the day) that the infringement occurs.  The school reserves the right to sanction students who repeatedly provide retrospective notes to explain incorrect uniform.

A student failing to comply with the expectations of the uniform policy is likely to be sanctioned in the following way:

  • Incorrect uniform (e.g. no tie, no blazer, trainers, wrong coloured socks) are likely to be issued with an immediate After School Reflection (please refer to the school’s behaviour policy for details of After School Reflections).
  • Hoodies – a student will be asked to remove the hoodie. The member of staff will confiscate the hoodie and return it to the student at the end of the school day.  However, staff are within their rights to withhold the item of clothing and return it only to a parent (as per the mobile phone rule) if the student repeatedly wears the hoodie to school.  Hoodies should not be worn on the way to school or on the way home from school.
  • Fake nails – students will be sent to the hub and asked to remove these immediately.  Failure to remove the nails will lead to isolation.  The student will not return to normal lessons until the nails have been removed. School sanctions may also be applied if students repeatedly wear fake nails to school.
  • Jeans/skin-tight trousers/leggings/excessively short skirts – students will not be allowed to attend lessons when wearing such items. Parents will be contacted immediately and asked to bring appropriate school trousers/skirt to the school for the student to wear.  Students will not return to normal lessons until appropriate trousers / skirt have been provided.
  • Jewellery – students will be asked to remove the item, which in some cases may result in these items being confiscated.  The school reserves the right to return confiscated items to parents only, and not students.  However, in some circumstances the school may not return some items at all.  This may be the case when students have needed to be challenged on more than one occasion about a particular uniform problem.  In addition, students and parents should be aware that jewellery is brought to school at the students’ own risk.  The school takes no responsibility for any item of jewellery that contravenes the school’s uniform policy and is subsequently lost on school site.
  • Failure to attend PE lessons without the required uniform/kit will lead to the behaviour escalation process to be implemented.  On the first occasion of missing full kit or missing an item of kit, the student will be given O1 (opportunity 1).  O2 will be given on the second occasion.  On the 3rd occasion and every subsequent occasion, the student will be sanctioned with an After School Reflection in line with the school’s behaviour policy.  This escalation process will re-set (re-start at O1) at the start of each new school term (i.e. after Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays).  In addition, students arriving at PE lessons without PE kit will be expected to borrow spare kit (which is regularly washed/cleaned) from the PE department.  Refusal to wear spare kit will result in an automatic After School Reflection.

Students who repeatedly fail to wear their school uniform appropriately may be placed on a uniform report.  Students will then be sanctioned for repeated failure to adhere to the uniform expectations. Whilst on report, the student will be assessed on:

  • Ensuring their shirt is tucked in
  • Ensuring their top button is done up
  • Ensuring their tie is a reasonable length (at least 5 yellow bars should be visible below the knot)
  • Ensuring blazer sleeves are not rolled up
  • Ensuring the blazer is worn at all times around the school (except when students are allowed to remove these, i.e. during excessively hot periods during the summer term – students and parents will be informed when this is the case)
  • Ensuring skirts are not rolled up, making them excessively short
  • Ensuring socks are black – and no other colour
  • Ensuring make up is not excessive and is in line with the make-up allowances dictates in the appendices below
  • Ensuring jewellery, other than that detailed in the appendices below, is not worn in school.

Subject to the final appeal process, the Headteacher is normally the final arbiter in all matters of uniform and dress.

Guidance on appropriate uniform is found in the appendices below:

Appendix A – list of required and optional uniform for all students in Year 7 – 11 From

September 2020 onwards 

*Optional part of uniform

Item of uniform

Available to be purchased from Skoolkit

Guidance / Description

Items / uniform variations not permitted



BHCS blazers are compulsory for girls and boys in all year groups




Standard BHCS tie should be worn by all students in Years 7 – 11

No other tie is permitted to be worn (unless a prefect, who may wear the prefect tie during Yr11).


Not available

Plain black traditional leather* style shoes suitable for school use

Maximum heel height 2” / 5cm

*Shoes do not need to be made from real leather

No boots or Ugg style boots, no trainers, no stiletto shoes, no platform soles, no backless shoes, no plimsolls, no dolly shoes.

No shoes that have any other colours, branding or marking.



Boys and girls are required to wear the Brighton Hill Community School
daffodil yellow shirt only

No other colour shirt is permitted to be worn.  Blouses are not permitted to be worn.



Plain black

No other colour is permitted.



BHCS recommends Skoolkit as the supplier of this item

Not flecked or patterned.  No jeans or chino material / style permitted. 

Not tight fitting – no flares, no hipsters, no leggings, no belts, no zips or decorative buttons on the front panel of trouser.



Pleated Charleston style skirt, plain black

BHCS recommends Skoolkit as the supplier of this item
However, the Charleston style skirt can also be found in M&S
(code: T760171)

No other colour is permitted.

No excessively short or long skirts are permitted. Skirts that are mid-thigh length for example, will be considered as excessively
short. The Senior Leadership team will have
the final say on whether a skirt is excessively short. Skirts should also be no longer than mid-calf length. No belts are permitted.


Not available

Plain black

No other colours are permitted.


Not available

Plain black or flesh / neutral coloured

No other colours are permitted. No patterns.



BHCS V neck, navy (unisex)

This item is optional

No other jumper other that the BHCS jumper is permitted to be worn.  No sweatshirts or cardigans are permitted.
No hoodies are permitted.

*T-Shirts / Undershirts

Not available

A plain white vest or T-shirt may be worn under the school shirt for extra warmth but must not be visible

No other colour is permitted.

No visible T-shirts.  No patterned or logos on T-shirts are permitted.


Not available

Plain black or navy only

No other colour, marking or branding is permitted.  No hoodies are permitted.  No denim or leather jackets are permitted.


Not available

Plain black or navy only

No other colour is permitted.

No caps* or ski hats.

*exceptions to be made to the caps may be made in extreme heat where sun burn is a concern, through discussion with the
Headteacher, SLT or the relevant Head of Year

‘summer’ shorts


Plain tailored, professional looking shorts – these can ONLY be worn during the summer term

These must be purchased from Skoolkit.  No other shorts are permitted.


Not available

Plain black scarf

No other colour is permitted to be worn in school.  No logos or designs permitted.


Not available

Plain black

No branded belts are allowed

* Optional part of uniform

Appendix B – list of required and optional PE uniform for all students from September 2020 onwards

Item of uniform

Available to be purchased from Skoolkit

Guidance / uniform variations not permitted

BHCS polo shirt navy / yellow


No other polo shirt is permitted.

BHCS shorts navy blue


No other shorts are permitted

BHCS rugby shirt


No other rugby shirt is permitted.

White ankle socks


No other colour socks are permitted.

Yellow football socks

This item is OPTIONAL


No other colour football socks are permitted.


Not available

These should have laces and be fit for purpose.  No plimsolls are permitted.

Football / rugby boots

Not available

Rugby safety studs are to be worn in rugby boots. 
Screw-in studs are not permitted on Basingstoke Soccer Centre.

This item is OPTIONAL

Not available

- x -

 BHCS Tracksuit Bottoms or leggings

This item is OPTIONAL


Plain Navy leggings and tracksuit bottoms are acceptable. 

*Gum Shield (for rugby and hockey only)


- x -

Hair Tie

Not available

All students with long hair are required to tie hair up during practical activities

NEW BHCS logo hoodie

This item is OPTIONAL but strongly recommended


No other hoodies are allowed.

BHCS hoodies are only allowed to be worn during PE lessons.  BHCS hoodies are not allowed to be worn at any other time in school.


 Appendix C – details pertaining to appearance for all students in Years 7-11, from September 2020 onwards


Guidance / description

Variations not permitted


One conventional, gold-coloured stud no bigger than 4mm can be worn in each ear lobe only.

Students may only have their have their ears pierced ONCE in each ear lobe.

It is strongly advised that students wishing to have their ears pierced should do so at the beginning of the summer holiday, so as to avoid the need for spacers and – or additional piercings to close up.

Earrings are brought to the school at the students' own risk.

No other style of earring is permitted.
No other body jewellery is permitted.

No spacers, belly button piercings, nose studs, tongue piercings are allowed to be worn.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the student having to remove the piercing, being isolated or sent home.


Students are permitted to colour their hair, however this must be of a natural colour (i.e. blonde, black, brown) and should be uniform in nature.

No other colour than that stated can be applied.

Students are not permitted to have any marking or tramlines shaved into their hair.

No extreme haircuts permitted e.g. Mohicans.

If in doubt please consult the school before committing to a specific hair cut style.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the student either being isolated or sent home.


Nail varnish or acrylic nails are not permitted to be worn.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the student being asked to remove the nail varnish / nails and sanctioned.


Watches are allowed and encouraged in school. 
However, smart watches will be confiscated if students are seen using these in place of a mobile phone.

Medical bracelets are permitted to be worn.

Necklaces, bracelets, chains and rings are not permitted.

Smart watches are brought to school at the students' own risk.

No other jewellery is permitted to be worn, even if for sentimental reasons.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the items being confiscated.


Headphones / earphones are not permitted to be visible or worn in school.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the items being confiscated.


It is a criminal offence to tattoo anyone under 18 unless a qualified medical practitioner does it for medical reasons.

Any incidences of tattoos will be investigated by the school as an issue of child protection.



Make-up is not permitted to be worn at any time for students in KS3.  This includes blusher, mascara,
eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick.  Students in KS4 are permitted to wear discreet levels of natural coloured blusher – however all other forms of make-up are not permitted.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the student having to remove all traces of make-up.  Persistent wearing of make-up will result in a higher sanction.

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