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Year 10

Published: 09-08-2021

Welcome back to all students, parents and carers to Term 2 – and Happy New Year!

Year 10 had a remarkable start to the academic year, with a successful start to the long-awaited Duke of Edinburgh Award. This cohort have once again proved themselves to be the cream of the crop with a new record for the most successful applicants going on to complete the course!

We have also seen a remarkable uptake of year 10 attendance at extra-curricular activities. It really does warm my heart to see just how many of the year group that are seizing every opportunity they can; I have to say that I am immensely proud to be Head of such a wonderful year group.

Last term Year 10 responded heroically to a community plea for help by raising awareness for and collecting much needed food items for the Basingstoke Food Bank. As a result, many families would have had ample food on the table over the Christmas holidays as a result of the kindness shown by our year 10 students.

Sadly, we bid farewell this term to Mr Firth who is now Deputy Head of Year 9, and as such has had to leave the year 10 team. However, the silver lining is that we now welcome Mr Cook as tutor to 10Hz1, and Mrs Charde also joins the year 10 team as co-tutor for 10Ev1.

I have posted a timeline of year 10 key dates, which I hope you will find very useful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor.

I wish you all a very healthy and happy new year.

Miss K Richardson

Head of Year 10

pdf document Year 10 Key Dates 2022

Mr P Denning
10 Endeavour 1

Mrs C Charde
10 Endeavour 1

Miss F Earwood
10 Endeavour 2

Mr M Cook
10 Horizon 1

Mrs C McMillan
10 Horizon 2

Mrs H Humphreys
10 Horizon 2

Mrs C Tucker
10 Pioneer 1

Mr P Penny
10 Pioneer 1

Mrs C Espeseth
10 Pioneer 2

Mrs V Smith
10 Pioneer 2

Miss B Roman
10 Voyager 1

Mrs M Shaheem-Hamid
10 Voyager 1

Mr R Slack
10 Voyager 2