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with specialist sports status
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Published on - 21-01-2016

The Governing Body’s Role and Responsibilities.

Governors at Brighton Hill Community School take their role very seriously and have high expectations and ambition for the school.

Firstly we ensure that your children are safe in our school and as a group, hold the Headteacher and other senior leaders to account for improvements to teaching, learning and assessment.

The school leaders have carefully looked at strengths and weaknesses across all areas and developed a Raising Attainment Plan or ‘RAP’ that addresses how we are going to ensure improvements are made. Governors use the RAP as a basis for discussion and presentations at our meetings so that we can look at the impact of the actions being taken to improve the school. To support our view we also consider reports from external experts such as Ofsted, HMI and sources such as the Local Authority, as well as the views of staff, students and parents.

Our current areas for development are closely linked to the areas Ofsted highlighted as requiring improvement a year ago.

  • Continue to improve the quality of teaching
  • Continue to improve student achievement                                                                                               
  • Continue to improve provision for disadvantaged students

To do this, the objectives have been broken down into key actions:

Improving the quality of teaching by:

  • Sharing good practice 
  • Minimising inconsistencies in teaching
  • Regularly monitor marking and assessment
  • Recruiting and retaining good and outstanding teachers
  • Minimising the impact of staffing turbulence on student progress 
  • Providing support  to staff in order to deliver high quality lessons  through high quality continuous professional development (CPD)

Improving Student Achievement by:

  • Identifying and addressing areas where there are issues in relation to pitch and challenge
  • Ensuring accuracy of predicted outcomes

Improving provision for disadvantaged students by:

  • Narrowing the gap for disadvantaged students 
  • Developing positive impact on progress and attendance of disadvantaged students

We also want your children to have good experiences and opportunities while at our school, learning through a curriculum that meets their needs for future education and employment as well as their welfare, and impacts positively on their educational and wider outcomes. The curriculum is supported through sporting, artistic and creative extra-curricular activities. We want respectful and courteous behaviour between staff and students so that all can learn and so that the school promotes equality, tolerance and British values.

To fulfil these requirements and to ensure the statutory policies and documentation that give the school its framework are in place, we cover our workload across the year through a series of carefully planned governing body and committee meetings.

The governing body concentrate on student achievement and the provision for disadvantaged students as well as safeguarding, attendance, exclusions and behaviour.

The Finance and Environment Committee regularly meet to set and monitor budget expenditure, evaluate the impact of Pupil Premium spending and to ensure the learning and grounds environment is safe and maintained.

The Personnel Committee and Pay and Performance Committee looks in detail at the quality of teaching, the development, pay and performance of the staff, including school leaders.

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