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Home >> Supporting Your Child >> Learning Support Department >> Q: How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

Published on - 16-05-2016

Q: How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

  • Our provision is arranged to meet our students’ needs, within the resources available.  This approach reflects the fact that different students require different levels of support in order to achieve age expected attainment.
    • Students with special educational needs are identified by BHCS staff, primary schools, parents, other professionals and screening tests. All new students have their reading and spelling skills assessed within the first week of joining Brighton Hill to ensure that literacy difficulties are identified and intervention/ support can be implemented where necessary.
  • Our Zone 7 classroom is located within the FLC and the school works closely with Primary and Junior schools to identify students who would benefit from the primary style curriculum, with main focus on literacy and numeracy, which this facility offers.
  • In Year 8, some students will still require additional support with their English and Maths, along with continuing on the ELSA programme, this option is available for them throughout Year 8.
  • We provide a learning support service in line with our SEND Policy which has been ratified by the Board of Governors and we subscribe to an admissions policy that meets Hampshire County Council expectations.
  • The service incorporates provision for Gifted and Talented students as we recognise that these more able students also have special educational needs.
  • The SENCo consults with subject teachers, academic leaders and Heads of Year, as well as with support staff, to discuss the students’ needs and what support would be appropriate.
  • There are always on-going discussions with parents/carers for any student who requires additional support for their learning.

Examples of additional Intervention which can be delivered:
- Reading comprehension, spelling and handwriting intervention are delivered in 12 week programmes.
- Students participating in the accelerated reading accuracy programme attend daily 20 minute sessions.
- Numeracy Catch Up sessions are delivered weekly in AM tutor time.
- 1:1 support is delivered as a 6-12 week individualised programme.
- ELSA, Friendship and SLCN Groups run throughout the academic year.

Q: Where can I find Hampshire’s Local offer?

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Q: Who can I contact for further information outside of BHCS?

Additionally, the school liaises with and can refer parents/carers to the following agencies for information and support: Parent Partnership, offer...

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Q: Who can I contact for further information at BHCS?

A parent/carer’s first point of contact should be the child’s tutor to share concerns Miss H Heath Head of Year 7 & 8, Zone 7...

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Q: How do we know if it has had an impact?

We see evidence that the student is making progress academically against national/age expected measures and that the gap is narrowing – they a...

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Q: How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s needs?

We ensure that all students with SEND have their needs met to the best of the school’s ability, within the funds available. The budget is all...

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How will the school prepare and support my child when joining the school and transferring to a new school?

Our goal is to make sure our new students feel like they belong at BHCS before they officially arrive.  Learning is most effective when student...

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Q: How accessible is the school environment?

Apart from 6 classrooms in the English Block, the school is all on ground level but some faculty blocks need to be accessed by steps or permanent ra...

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Q: How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

All students are entitled to be included in all parts of the school curriculum and we aim for all students to be included on school trips. We will p...

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Q: How will my child be able to contribute their views?

Students’ views are highly valued at the school and their opinions are sought on many areas of school life, as well as their own learning. ...

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Q: What SEND training have the staff had or are currently having?

SEND training is an on-going rolling programme of professional development for all of our staff throughout the school year. We have two ELSAs (Emot...

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