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Published on - 06-02-2017

PPE Examinations Results


2 February 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

On Friday, your child received their results from the recent PPE examinations.  These will give your child a good indication of the effectiveness of the revision they undertook, towards the end of last term and over the Christmas break.  I must also take this opportunity to inform you that, although the PPE process is an incredibly valuable experience for Year 11 students, it is not always a strong indicator of final GCSE results.  This will be even more important to remember this year, as schools across the country are teaching English and mathematics courses where grade boundaries will only be decided after the exam has been marked. 

In the coming weeks, the following strategies and opportunities will be made available to your child, to support their progress and achievement.

  • thorough analysis and debrief of PPE written examination papers in lessons;
  • Zone 11 sessions run almost every afternoon, in all subjects (timetable published on the VLE);
  • academic catch-up sessions during tutor time, focussing on English, mathematics and science;
  • ‘yellow box’ sessions study sessions are planned for the Summer Term, targeting underachieving students;
  • GCSE Pod, a new online revision app (covers most subject areas);
  • Tassomai, a new online revision app to support science revision; new apps from PiXL for Maths and English Literature revision;
  • past and practice examination papers provided during tutor time, and for homework;
  • Easter revision programme (timetable to be published later this term).

I strongly encourage your child to take advantage of all of the opportunities listed above, but the most important and impactful thing your child can do is to devise a comprehensive revision schedule and commit to revising every day after school.  With just over ten teaching weeks to go until the GCSE examinations start, there is enough time to address any areas of underachievement, as long as your child engages with the opportunities offered to them, and commits to revising thoroughly at home.

If you have any specific questions regarding your child’s progress, please contact their class teacher in the first instance.

If you would like a separate copy of your child’s PPE results, please contact Mr Wilkinson, Head of Year 10 and 11.

Yours faithfully

Mr L S Lyons
Assistant Headteacher

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