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Published on - 26-04-2017

Year 11 Important Dates & Structured Revision ‘Yellow Box’ Programme

To All Parents/Guardians of Students in Year 11

26 April 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians

Year 11 Important Dates & Structured Revision ‘Yellow Box’ Programme

As your son/daughter moves into his/her final weeks at Brighton Hill Community School before starting his/her GCSE Examination preparations, it is important that a few dates are shared with you as well as details of the structured revision sessions known as ‘Yellow Box Sessions’; these are attached.

This year’s examination season represents a departure from previous practice, for the simple reason that the examinations are starting sooner because there are more examinations to be taken; this impacts greatly on the time we want to spend with your son/daughter in order to prepare them as fully as possible for each examination.

What does this mean? It means that this year, all Year 11 students will attend school as normal up to Friday 26 May; attending normal school lessons, examinations as required (please see their individual examination timetable) and all appropriate ‘Yellow Box Sessions’ or ‘Walking Talking Mocks’ (WTM). From after May half term, students are only required to attend all relevant examinations and all appropriate ‘Yellow Box Sessions’ and ‘Walking Talking Mocks’, in support of their subjects being examined.

On Friday 26 May, all students will sit their English Literature Paper 2 examination at 9.00am. After this examination, at approximately 11.30am, Year 11 students are required to sign-out and leave the school site; this signifies their last scheduled day in school.

As a result of the increased number of examinations this summer season, it is essential that there are no distractions from the importance of GCSE examinations and revision opportunities. Students are either taking examinations, or preparing for them during a ‘Yellow Box Session’ or a ‘Walking Talking Mock’.

Structured Revision Schedule (attached)

It is important for all of us at school to ensure that all Year 11 students have every opportunity available to them to access targeted and specific subject support, in preparation for all examinations being taken.  It is also important to find a realistic balance for those students who do benefit from individual and personal space away from the school setting, in support of their revision schedule, that such times are available.  We have deliberately scheduled additional sessions in support of as many examinations as possible:  where students are entered for the named examination/subject they are REQUIRED to attend those sessions – these are seen as Yellow Box Sessions on the attached schedule.  Yellow Box Sessions are COMPULSORY for ALL relevant students.

In addition, this year, we are running Walking Talking Mocks before all English, Maths and Science examinations; these provide a superb opportunity for students to be ‘walked’  through an actual GCSE examination paper, reminding them of key points, structure and knowledge whilst providing a focused environment for them to mentally prepare. Students are required to attend these Walking Talking Mock sessions.

The attached Structured Revision Schedule aims to support all students. To summarise the schedule:

  • Monday 24 April through to Friday 26 May 2017
    ALL students attend ALL normal lessons and exams as required
    ALL students attend ALL relevant Yellow Box sessions
    ALL students attend ALL relevant Walking Talking Mocks
    ALL students after their examination on Friday 26 May, sign out of school, and leave site* (*any parent/carer who wishes for their child to remain on school site, after this examination up until 3.00pm, please send a letter to Mr Wilkinson [Head of Year 11] with this request)
  • Monday 5 June through to Monday 26 June 2017
    ALL students attend EXAMS ONLY
    ALL students attend ALL relevant Yellow Box sessions and Walking Talking Mocks

At this stage, we are not in a position to communicate the last day for Year 11 in relation to their final assembly. We will communicate this in a separate letter.

This CAN BE summer uniform that is now permitted to be worn.

One final point, if any student requires additional support and guidance after the half term break, in addition to the structured sessions, please contact teachers directly to arrange; staff are always available to offer advice and guidance.

Registration - after May half term:

  • ALL students for examinations will be registered at each exam.
    ALL students attending a Yellow Box or Walking Talking Mock must sign IN and OUT with the member of staff running each session.

Finally, I would like to stress that during the remaining weeks each Year 11 student should continue to:

  • Be focused in school
  • Concentrate and participate in lessons
  • Show a responsible level of understanding towards both staff and each other
  • Support each other on a daily basis
  • Overall continue to behave in a positive manner

At this stage of each individual’s education these points above are even more important, enabling every Year 11 student to fully access the necessary information and guidance from subject staff, their Head of Year and through Zone 11 revision sessions.  The vast majority of our Year 11 students are showing a mature and committed approach to their studies.

However, if any Year 11 student feels unable to support their peers, of all ages, in this manner and conduct themselves in a responsible and young adult way, we may have to consider alternative arrangements for the remaining weeks of his/her education. 

I thank you in advance for your continued support throughout the remaining weeks as we all strive to ensure each Year 11 has every opportunity available to them to be successful.

Yours sincerely

Mr B Coley
Assistant Headteacher

pdf document Structured Revision Schedule

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