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with specialist sports status

Brighton Hill Community School

with specialist sports status
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Published on - 12-02-2015

12. Instuments of Goverance


1. The name of the school is Brighton Hill Community School

2. The school is a community school

3. The name of the governing body is “The governing body of Brighton Hill Community School”

4. The governing body shall consist of:

a. Four parent governors [at least one third of the places]
b. Two authority governors [one fifth of the places]
c. Two staff governors [at least two, up to and including one third of the places and including the head teacher]
d. Three community governors [at least one fifth of the places]
e. [where applicable]      sponsor governors [up to two]

5. Total number of governors Eleven

6. [Applicable only to community special schools].  The body/ies entitled to nominate a person for appointment as a community governor under schedule 3 to the Regulations is/are [Insert here the name of the body designated by the LEA].

7. The sponsor[s] entitled to nominate [a] person[s] for appointment as sponsor governors under schedule 5 of the Regulations is/are

8. [applicable if the term of office of one or more categories of governor is shorter than four years]  The term of office of       [category of governor] is       [insert period between one and four years]

9. This instrument of government comes into effect on 31 August 2012

10. This instrument was made by order of Hampshire Local Authority on
10 May 2012

11. A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the head teacher if not a governor).

Authorised by ……………………………………………………………
                                     Director of Children’s Services

Last ratified: May 2012

Will be reviewed as required

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