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Published on - 12-02-2015

28. ICT (Information Communications Technology)


  • To ensure that students become autonomous users of ICT.
  • To enable students to effectively use ICT tools and information sources to analyse, process and present information and to model, measure and control external events.
  • To ensure that all users of the Schools ICT facilities are aware of the acceptable use of these facilities.

This policy applies to all staff.

The lead manager for the application and monitoring of this policy is Assistant Headteacher

A. Delivery of curriculum ICT -

  • ICT skills will be delivered across all curriculum areas and in dedicated ICT.
  • Heads of Faculty will ensure that schemes of work clearly show when, where and by whom ICT is being taught, and ensure coverage as per the National Curriculum orders for their subject areas.
  • ICT will be used as a tool wherever possible to facilitate literacy and numeracy.

B. Recording and Assessment of curriculum ICT-

Heads of Faculty will log students’ use and application of ICT.
Heads of Faculty will retain appropriate evidence and report at the end of the Key Stage students’ progress within subject reports.

C. Detailed ICT policies available on the BHCC Helpdesk or they can be requested by email to :

Back up
Clear screen
Equipment Disposal
Instant messaging
Log files
Patch Management
Remote access
Security events
Sending information to third parties
Social networking

The monitoring and review procedure for this policy is as follows:

Assistant Headteacher will require the ICT team to -

- Monitor the curriculum area usage levels and the booking of the ICT suites.
- Monitor ICT INSET for staff to meet the target for all serving teachers to be confident and competent users of ICT.
- Report annually to the Headteacher on the monitoring process.

Network Manager –

- Review the ICT policy.
- Monitor the adherence to these policies and report any irregularities to the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher.

Revised: March 2015
Ratified: March 2015
Next review date: March 2016


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