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Published on - 01-12-2016

38. Security Policy

Policy Statement
The Governors recognise and accept their responsibilities to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff or visitors to Brighton Hill Community School.  The premise security procedures will operate within the framework described in this policy.

The responsible manager for the application of this policy is the Headteacher.  The legal obligation on the Local Authority and on the school’s Governors is to provide an environment that is, so far as is reasonably practical, both safe and secure.  The Governors will provide staff with enough resources, information and training to implement the security procedures.
The Governors will, where appropriate, be informed of breaches and failures of the policy to enable them to take any corrective action as is necessary to ensure the safety of members of the
school community.

All staff have a statutory obligation to co-operate with the requirements of this policy.

Aims & Objectives

Our security policy requirements will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring children and all those who work at or visit the premises feel safe and secure
  • Ensuring the focus is strongly on personal awareness and responsibility
  • That the latest recommendations of the DfES, government guidelines and the advice of Hampshire County Council, Children’s Services/Children and Families department are adhered to and tracked
  • Identifying and minimising the risk as far as reasonable practicable and sensible
  • Controlling access to and movement within the premise and its grounds by people and vehicles
  • Responding effectively and in good time to identified security issues


This policy covers the following areas:

  • Site access, general building security, movement around and outside of the premises
  • Lock up and unlock procedures
  • Assault, injury, theft, burglary, criminal damage, vandalism, trespass and nuisance.
  • Offensive weapons
  • Identified threats to the safety and well-being of the premise community from those with criminal intent
  • Emergency procedures
  • Visitors, contractors, helpers or other persons involved with students
  • Computer data security
  • Cash handling

Responsible Manager 

The Governors/Senior Leadership Team will:

  • Ensure that the premise has a security policy and that this has been implemented.
  • Will monitor the performance of the site security measures.  This will be achieved by:
    • Monitoring performance on visits via the  Headteacher
    • By carrying out regular discussions, learning walks and analysis of incident forms
    • The Policy and appropriate linked Risk Assessments will be reviewed annually

The Headteacher will:

  • Implement the security policy approved by the Governors
  • Ensure that staff receive information, instruction and training in the security policy and procedures and associated Risk Assessments
  • Establish a system for the reporting, recording and investigation of breaches of the policy and take reasonable steps to prevent reoccurrence
  • Ensure that all visitors, contactors and agency staff adhere to the security procedures
  • Consider particular risk situations
  • Monitor and review the implementation of the policy and security arrangements

All staff will:

  • Comply with this policy and the arrangements made by the Headteacher to ensure the safety of students, employees and others on the site
  • Report any shortcomings to the Senior Leadership Team.

Governors/Senior Leadership Team will periodically review the premises security policy.
Governors/Senior Leadership Team will delegate the day to day implementation of the policy to the Site Manager

Students will:

  • Be encouraged to exercise personal responsibility for the security of themselves and, and to co-operate with the arrangements made for the security of the school

Students, parents/carers, and visitors will:

  • Be expected to respect the measures taken by the school to improve and ensure security
  • Be encouraged to report ideas and problems to the staff


Controlled access and egress during the school day

Controlled access is a combination of measures to ensure that the risk to students and staff from unauthorised visitors is minimised.

The extent of physical controls, such as gates, fences and traffic barriers, has been decided by a robust security risk assessment of the site/premises, taking into account the risk presented by visitors/general public/contractors.  The security measures put into place at Brighton Hill Community School have taken into account the need to balance the need to remain a welcoming environment whilst ensuring the best possible safety of all our students and staff.

Buildings and grounds

Brighton Hill Community School will take all reasonable efforts to control access to the building and grounds to prevent unauthorised access to students and ensure the personal safety of staff.
The access control procedures for the building/s are:

  • As a multi-block school – the main building/s have a reception desk and access control systems/procedures including magnetic access through internal doors from reception
  • All staff must log in/log out on the board in reception and wear their photo ID badges on a black lanyard
  • Visitors not displaying photo ID badges will be challenged by staff
  • The school has close links with local police and the community police officer.  Police will patrol the site on request
  • The  school operates an efficient attendance/registration system which allows us to monitor absenteeism and truancy – first day response
  • The school operates a signing in/signing out system for all parents/carers, visitors and students who are late/leave early
  • Site Services/Admin staff closely monitor the movement of vehicles whilst present on the premises and are responsible for contractors on site
  • Contractors comply fully with site procedures at all times
  • Waste disposal vehicles and contractor vehicles have restricted access to the site to avoid times when students and staff are moving around the site

The following areas/grounds are accessible by the public but the risk is controlled with our site supervision arrangements and how Brighton Hill Community School deals with visitors.

The access arrangements for the grounds are-

  • Outdoor areas – the main access route to the reception is via the main school car park. There is also a pathway that runs from one end to the other where the public can walk but they cannot enter any areas apart from the main school reception.  This is because the electronic gates are in operation whilst the students are at school. The reception/site staff would challenge any person not wearing a photo ID or visitor badge

Control of visitors

The control of visitors is a fundamental part of our site security policy for the safeguarding of both people and property.

Our policy is that –

  • All visitors must report to the reception desk on arrival. 
  • All visitors are issued with a photo ID badge to be worn at all times worn on a red lanyard. This includes parents/carers, helpers, contractors and any other person who is not a member of staff 
  • Visitors on site will be accompanied by a member of staff to their destination and will be returned to reception by a member of staff in order to “sign out” 
  • Any person on site without a photo ID badge will be asked to accompany a member of staff to the reception desk to ascertain their reason for a visit. They may be asked to leave the site.  Any refusal will be reported immediately to a senior member of staff
  • Any acts of violence or aggression will be reported to the Police
  • Visitors will not remove any items of the school’s property without the express permission of site staff
  • For their own safety authorised visitors will be given appropriate information on Brighton Hill Community School  health & safety procedures such as parking, fire safety and first aid

Supervision of students

Brighton Hill Community School overall safeguarding strategy requires that at times the security of students is achieved by competent supervision by authorised staff.

Times of the day when supervision is part of our safeguarding procedures:

  • Start of the school day – duty staff are deployed in designated areas from 8.15am
  • Lesson changes – due to multi-block/nature of the site, access control is not possible for every individual building during lesson changes. 
  • Breaktime – all parts of the site are supervised by duty teams
  • Lunchtime – all parts of the site are supervised by duty teams
  • Duty teams are also deployed at the end of the school day, from 3pm to 3.15pm

Co-operation with third parties, extended services and community groups

Our site security arrangements have taken into account the third parties who use the building or grounds.  In most circumstances the arrangements for the site will be equally applicable for the third parties involved.  Below are the additional security measures that apply to the groups listed.

Community use/extended school activities – as a designated Community school, community groups may use facilities at all times.  Risk assessments as part of induction arrangements are carried out.  No hirer will be allowed to use the school facilities unless they fully comply with the relevant risk assessments and hire agreement.  Visitors in unauthorised locations will be challenged by staff. 

Supervision of contractors

Contractors and maintenance personnel will not always have been DBS checked; therefore they should not have unsupervised access to students.  We only use Hampshire County Council approved contractors and they will be controlled as follows :

  • All contractors will be expected to sign in at reception and will be issued with an ID badge with a red lanyard  which will be clearly displayed whilst on site
  • Contractors will park in authorised parking areas only
  • Contractors will only carry out work agreed at the start of the contract and at the times agreed
  • Contractors will be supervised by site staff
  • Contractors will comply with the contractors risk assessment

Lone workers

Our school has lone working risk assessment/s in place and procedures for staff where there is a security risk due to the need to work alone (minimal);  staff at high risk will receive appropriate training.

Physical security measures

The Governing Body will consider the need to use physical measures such as fencing and electronic access controls and CCTV to ensure the safety of staff and students.  They will review the provision of physical security measures on a regular basis in the form of a security risk assessment.

The risk assessment will take into account:

  • The location and layout of the school
  • Past incidents related to security
  • The performance of other security measures already in place or that could be implemented.

Where justified and by consideration of the risk the Governing Body will ensure that physical security measures are installed.  Where physical controls are not justified the Governing Body will ensure that other controls are implemented by the school to ensure the safety of staff and students.

Where electronic controls are installed, for example alarm systems, they will be maintained according to the manufactures specifications.


  • An effective intruder alarm is in operation.  This is always set when the site is not in use/unoccupied which is monitored by the “The Alarming Company”
  • Site staff patrol during the evenings, weekends and school holidays
  • Security lights are on whilst the premises is occupied after dark
    A separate list with the names of the key holders who are responsible for the security of the building/s is retained by the Site manager, SLT colleagues and within restricted known spaces in admin offices

Unlocking and locking arrangements

The site will be unlocked daily at 4.50am, and 8am on Saturday.  This will be the responsibility of the site staff team.  Daily locking of the building entry doors will be performed by the site staff team.  The normal hours for public access to the buildings will be from 7am until 9.30pm.
Although once staff leave the premises by 6pm each evening, the external blocks will be locked up.  Only the main building will remain open.

Emergency call outs

If a key holder is contacted as a result of a “Person Present”, they will first check the outside the building for evidence of intrusion.  If necessary, additional key holders should be contacted for support.   Police call out procedures are linked to “The Alarming Company”.

Cash handling

Staff should avoid keeping cash on the premises whenever possible.  Safes should be used and kept locked.  Staff should avoid handling cash in visible areas; any money requiring banking should be carried out at irregular times, particularly where substantial sums are involved.  The School employs a cash collection company to collect banking on a weekly basis. All valuables should be kept in the safe at the end of each working day including student possessions.

Vehicle movement

A section of the “main car park” is allocated for staff but the remainder is available to visitors, taxis and contractors. 

Personal property

Personal property will remain the responsibility of its owner.  This includes both staff and student’s personal property.  Both are discouraged from bringing any valuable personal property to Brighton Hill Community School.
Lost property should be handed to the welfare office where it will be kept for 6 weeks before disposal.

Staff and pupil involvement

Everyone should be reminded it is their responsibility to prevent crime including:

      They will be told:

  • The school procedure on reporting assaults, disturbances, theft, damage and burglary

Risk assessment

A security risk assessment will be completed and reviewed annually (or earlier if deemed necessary).  The findings will be used in the review of this security policy and shared with staff as required.

Last Ratified:   27 January 2015

Date Reviewed: 10 October 2016

Next review: October 2017

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