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Published on - 31-10-2012

Technology at Key Stage 3

When students begin their KS3 in year 7 they undertake a short design and make task which enables us to gauge their current attainment. They are then set a minimum target level for the end of year 7. In ICT students are similarly given a short task in order to determine their current attainment. The process of monitoring progress and setting individual student targets is repeated throughout the year and student projects are tailored to suit their capabilities and needs.

Year 7 and 8 focusses on the development of core design skills including presentation, communication, teamwork, researching skills, problem solving and creativity. All year 7 students complete a unit of work which focusses solely on developing these skills and they also complete a Design and Make assignment in each of the following material areas: Textiles, Resistant Materials, Product Design (including the application of CADCAM) and Food.
In addition to core designing skills, these projects aim to develop safe working practices and an understanding of material properties and manufacturing methods when working with wood, plastics, textiles and food.
In ICT year 7 students primarily focus on improving their understanding and skills through the use of Microsoft Office. This enables them to use ICT more productively across all their subject areas.

Year 8 students complete four units of work focussing on the material areas of Food, Product Design, Resistant Materials and Textiles. The units of work extend on previous knowledge gained in year 7 and increase in challenge. Students are encouraged to apply knowledge and understanding from previous learning experiences in Technology and are able to combine a range of materials and techniques if their design requires. In ICT Year 8 students complete four units to develop their understanding of ICT by considering creative media, computer science, and ICT in a business context. This enables them to make a more informed choice in Year 9.

They are then given the opportunity to opt for any of the following subjects at GCSE level to begin in year 9:

  • AQA GCSE Textiles Technology
  • AQA GCSE Product Design
  • AQA Resistant Materials
  • WJEC GCSE Catering
  • BTeC Certificate Media
  • BTeC Extended Certificate Business
  • BTeC Information Creative Technology Certificate

All students follow a core delivery of ICT throughout KS4 for 1 lesson a week. During these lessons students will be studying BTeC Information Creative Technology Award.

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