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Published on - 31-10-2012

Technology at Key Stage 4

Year 9 Students follow a similar programme of design and make assignments throughout year 9 but these have a greater proportion of theory embedded in them to ensure students have a deeper knowledge and understanding of material properties and applications, industrial manufacturing methods, social, economic and environmental issues, CADCAM, consumer issues, marketing and product development.

Year 10 & 11 – For the GCSE AQA course during the first term of year 10 students are refreshed on relevant topics and then they begin their major controlled assessment project which accounts for 60% of their final GCSE grade. They are issued with the context and design tasks provided by the examining board and then they select their preferred task to work on.
The Controlled Assessment Task (CAT) is undertaken during designated lesson time and students are given guidance on each section in accordance to the assessment criteria.

The project consists of 4 main sections:

  • Investigating the design context (8 marks)
  • Development of design proposal (32 marks)
  • Making (32 marks)
  • Testing and Evaluating (12 marks)

Students complete a portfolio of design work (20 sheets of A3) and a practical piece.
Specification content is then revisited in preparation for the written exam in June of year 11.

WJEC GCSE Catering students undertake two controlled assessment tasks (60%) and a written exam(40%) The controlled assessment tasks are as follows:
Task 1 Approximately 8 sides of A4 & 3 ½ Hours practical cooking exam (15 hours of work)
Task 2 Approximately 20 sides of A4. (30 hours of work)
Specification topics include the following: The industry – food and drink, Job roles, employment opportunities and relevant training, health, safety and hygiene, food preparation, cooking and presentation, nutrition and menu, planning, costing and portion control, specialist equipment, communication and record keeping, environmental considerations, including packaging

KS4 BTeC subject information:
Year 9, 10, and 11: In the BteC courses students will be studying for their examinations. The examinations enable students to improve their understanding of their chosen subject. Students will then begin their controlled assignments, which are project based. This enables students to demonstrate in addition to business, ICT, or media skills the ability to work in teams and manage projects.

The externally assessed units in the BTeC courses account for 25% of the total grade.
Please note that the externally assessed units only apply to the current year 9 students. For students currently in years 10 or 11 there are no externally assessed units. All units are assessed by the teacher before being submitted in their final year to an external moderator.


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