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The Faculty

The Faculty of Humanities hosts five subject disciplines: History, Geography, PEB (Philosophy, Ethics & Beliefs), Citizenship and Psychology.  In addition the Humanities faculty organises PSHE for the whole school.  We are housed in a suite of six classrooms, each with a SMART interactive whiteboard.  Resources in the faculty are plentiful, with a range of textbooks, DVDs and interactive activities.  Our aim is to use resources only of excellent quality, thus promoting high expectations of work produced by our students.

The Staff

The department is staffed as follows:

  • Miss H Adkins - Head of Faculty
  • Mrs C McMillan - Teacher
  • Miss V Bailey - Teacher
  • Miss K Jones - Teacher
  • Mr P Penney - Teacher

The Ethos
The Humanities Faculty explores the world we live in.

In a world which hosts such a diverse range of beliefs, cultures and ways of life, it has become increasingly important to raise awareness of different attitudes within society. Furthermore, in a world where war, ethnic-cleansing and terrorism often result from ignorance of these different attitudes, the need for education in this area becomes increasingly evident.
Tied inextricably with social issues, is the environmental aspect. With a global population exceeding seven billion, there is increasing pressure on the world’s resources. Rising trends of environmental refugees, whole nations facing famine, and tropical storms devastating even the most developed parts of the globe, illustrate very clearly that we ignore the environment at our own peril.

Our faculty aims to take students beyond the four walls of the classroom. Fundamental to the faculty is the identification of links across time scales and between people and place.
Our ethos is to inspire an interest in real people and real place. We want to learn from the past, to understand the present, to inform the future.

Teaching Time
In years 7 and 8, students are taught in mixed-ability classes. Students receive two lessons of Geography and History. Students also receive two PEB lessons each fortnight.

In years 9, 10 and 11, students are grouped according to the option block for Geography, History, Psychology and PEB GCSE. GCSE classes are consequently also mixed ability. Students receive three lessons of their opted for subject each week.

All homework is set in line with the new school homework policy. Year 7 and 8 are set one homework per fortnight. All GCSE classes are one homework a week. All students have a homework timetable, so know exactly when to expect homework.


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