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‘We are committed to sharing with all students our love of the English language and its fantastically rich and diverse literature, whilst empowering them through the development of excellent communication skills.’

Miss S Plunkett (Head of Faculty)

In English, we teach students ...

  • To listen attentively, talk clearly and confidently about their thoughts, opinions and ideas, listening carefully to others so that they can refine their thinking and express themselves effectively
  • To read accurately and fluently to comprehend and critically respond to texts of all kinds, on paper and on screen, in order to access ideas and information
  • To write, present and broadcast a range of ideas, in a wide variety of forms and with awareness of different audiences and purposes; to communicate these ideas with accuracy on paper, on screen and through multimodal texts
  • To analyse, evaluate and criticize a range of uses of language in order to draw out meaning, purpose and effect

We do this through the exploration of the wonderful range of literary and non-literary texts drawn from across the whole English-speaking world.  We actively seek out dynamic and interesting examples of written and spoken communication that students can model their own work on, and we encourage active debate and risk-taking within a classroom ethos of respect, support and safety.  We know that it is crucial that all students feel empowered to explore their own responses to literary and media texts, and are properly trained to express their thoughts and reactions appropriately.

English Faculty Staff

Miss S Plunkett – Head of Faculty
Mrs H Macdonald – Transition Learning Manager / Head of Years 7 & 8 / SENCo
Mrs E Veall – Teacher
Ms C Oakes – Teacher 
Miss V Mercer - Teacher

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