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Coronavirus updates:

Testing at home – the process : 09/03/2021

Covid-19: If your child tests positive for Covid-19, please notify the school by clicking here or emailing bhcstracing@brightonhill.hants.sch.uk immediately. : 04/03/2021
Your child must self-isolate from the day that their symptoms started (or the day they had the test, if they do not have symptoms) and for the next 10 days. Anyone they live with will need to self-isolate at the same time

Covid Testing: How to take a swab sample : 02/03/2021

Testing - A Walk-through of the Testing Centre : 02/03/2021

How GCSE, vocational & technical qualifications will be awarded for the summer 2021 series : 26/02/2021
You will have seen in the media yesterday the announcement regarding how GCSE, vocational & technical qualifications will be awarded for the summer 2021 series.
Please open the attached document or follow this link to access the key information available. We will continue to communicate with parents, carers and students to make sure Brighton Hill Community School rigorously adheres to the guidance provided by Ofqual and the Department for Education.
We understand that this long period of uncertainty will have been very difficult for you and your children, but please be assured that we will do all that we can to ensure that our students receive the grades they deserve, whilst keeping them informed of the processes used to derive their grades wherever possible.

Requesting Remote Learning Support (WiFi options & Resource Packs) : 03/02/2021
Further to recent email communications to parents if you missed any of the deadlines you still have an opportunity to apply for specific support while the National Lockdown continues.

Show Me How To : 27/01/2021
To help BHCS students successfully complete their remote learning this 'show me how to' page provides videos and helpsheets to help students make the most of their Office 365 account for their remote learning work where required.

Covid Test Walk Thru Video : 08/01/2021

Covid testing FAQs for parents : 04/01/2021

COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement : 04/01/2021

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Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings

Guidance for secondary school provision from 15 June 2020

Emergency Closure Plan

DfE information and Guidance for parents:
COVID19 Information: A quick quide for Parents Carers

What parents and carers need to know about schools and education during the coronavirus outbreak

Current updates:

Reopening FAQs for Parents/carers 27-08-2020

Guidance for school updated 28th August : 01-09-2020

Coronavirus symptoms : 01-09-2020

COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection : 01-09-2020

Face coverings in education : 01-09-2020

As from Monday 23rd March 2020 the school will be closed to all students except those of certain vulnerable groups and students whose parents are key works. Please see this letter for details of which jobs are classed as key worker roles and also to how to inform us that your child will be atttending during this period.

Information for students and parents on how qualifications will be graded and awarded in Summer 2020. : 26-03-2020
Guidance for teachers, students, parents and carers

The school is following Public Health England (PHE) COVID-19 guidance for educational settings - which advises the following: “Face masks for the general public, pupils or students, or employees are not recommended to protect from infection, as there is no evidence of benefit from their use outside healthcare environments”.

FSM parents : 26-03-2020

Firstly, I hope that you are all keeping well during these troubled times. As you know, we tried to cater for all of our children entitled to free school meals with a “drive-through” packed lunch service, which has worked well for some families.

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Gym ConneXions : 20-03-2020

As you are aware, following Government guidelines, we have had to close the gym for the foreseeable future. We are in the process of organising any direct debit payments to be waived for the month of April 2020 (in the first instance). We will advise once we have received confirmation of this.

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Key Worker Child Care : 20-03-2020

As you will know, our school will be almost fully closed from the end of the day today. I will write again later regarding that difficult scenario for our school community. However, our most pressing task is to identify the children who will attend school for a partial opening from Monday onwards.

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Headteacher Update : 19-03-2020

I’m sure you will know by now that the government has declared that schools will close for the vast majority of students at the end of the day on Friday (20th March). Obviously, we will support this decision and I must pay tribute to my incredible staff who have managed to allow us to keep the school fully open up until this point; it has been a monumental effort from our dedicated team who have put themselves on the front line to support our students.

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Headteacher Update : 17-03-2020

I am writing to update you on the current situation here at Brighton Hill Community School. As of lunchtime on Tuesday (today) we are still fully open. We are missing some members of staff, as people are forced to work from home or self-isolate with their own family members as a precaution, but we are doing all that we can to remain fully open for as long as we possibly can.

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Headteacher Update : 16-03-2020

I thought it important that I write to you, to keep you as up-to-date as possible during these unprecedented challenges facing our nation. As you will know, the word from the government is that schools will remain open; we are committed to doing so in order to help our community to operate in a way which is as close to normal as can be expected at this time. Already, the commitment of our staff has been above and beyond the call of duty to be here to support our students when they need it the most and I am indebted to them as they continue to put our school community first.

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Year 11 Parents Evening : Postponed - Headteacher letter : 16-03-2020

As you will appreciate, these are unprecedented times for schools, but we continue to stay open as long as we possibly can, to keep it as structured and safe for our students as we possibly can. Mr. Beeching has already circulated around the Year 11 tutor groups this morning to reassure students that we are here to support through an uncertain time.

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The school is following Public Health England (PHE) COVID-19 guidance for educational settings - which advises the following:
“Face masks for the general public, pupils or students, or employees are not recommended to protect from infection, as there is no evidence of benefit from their use outside healthcare environments”.

Exam preparation and Ofqual advice

We recognise that students, parents, schools and colleges will be concerned about the possible impact of coronavirus on the 2020 summer exam series. Ofqual’s advice at this time is to continue to prepare for exams and other assessments as normal.

Ofqual continues to work closely with exam boards, other regulators and the Department for Education to plan for a range of scenarios, as the public would expect. Our overriding priorities are fairness to students this summer and keeping disruption to a minimum.

It is still many weeks until exams start and we will issue updated advice if necessary, giving schools and colleges as much notice as possible.

The latest updates from Ofqual can be found here:


Guidance regarding the coronavirus outbreak - Headteacher letter : 26-02-2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that our children are kept healthy and safe, I thought it best to share with you the guidance from Hampshire County Council regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Please be assured that everything contained in it is a precautionary measure, rather than a response to any local concerns.

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