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Key Stages 3 and 4 Curriculum

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Published on - 25-01-2019

Key Stage 3

At Brighton Hill Community School, students study subjects at Key Stage 3 in Years 7 and 8. The focus at this Key Stage is on providing students with experience of a broad range of subjects, so that they can develop in a range of academic areas that will serve them well as they prepare for the rigour of Key Stage 4.

Students will experience an array of practical and classroom-based subjects and enrichment opportunities. The main focus of Key Stage 3 is to help students develop the transferable skills that will help them to excel at Key Stage 4 as well as to introduce them to a wide variety of subjects that they will have had limited exposure to at Primary School and that they may wish to study further at Key Stage 4.

We believe that a two-year Key Stage 3 is right for the students at our school. It allows students to make a steady transfer from Key Stage 2, consolidating and building on students’ prior learning without wasting time repeating what has already been learnt at primary school. It also helps promote challenge as the content of Key Stage 3 is taught with rigour and pace.

We have a very broad Key Stage 3 Curriculum which covers 15 subjects, meeting National Curriculum Requirements. This is taught in 30 hours of contact time each week.

The curriculum includes:

Key Stage 4

At Brighton Hill Community School we believe that a three-year approach to the study of Key Stage 4 qualifications will allow your child to immerse themselves in the essential knowledge and skill required, providing them with more effective guidance in the pursuit of mastery of the subject. It also enables students to pursue the subjects that interest them most from the start of Year 9, promoting motivation and enjoyment of their school experience.

The aims of Key Stage 4 are for each student to pursue their study of the subjects of their choice, immersing themselves in the knowledge, understanding, skills and subject-specific protocols required for mastery. 

The curriculum includes the core subjects of:

Guided Choices offered include:

Please refer to the Faculty and subject-specific pages on our website for further information about the content of our subject curricula.