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Published on - 28-01-2019

‘Values’ is the umbrella term that we have given to the interrelated subjects, themes and topics covered in: Citizenship; Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education; Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development; the Prevent duty, British Values and Sex and Relationships education. It also includes the study of Religious Education at Key Stage 4.

We believe that it is vital for our students at Brighton Hill Community School to study ‘Values’ alongside their core and specialism subjects in order to prepare them to be good citizens in our local community and wider society and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

This curriculum is delivered through a variety of means, through drop-down days, cross-curricular links, enrichment activities and projects that are organised to enrich every one of our students’ experiences as well as through a structured tutor programme. 

Through this programme we support our students and encourage them to support others, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, belief, attainment, disability or social, cultural or economic background in order that they are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

PiXL programmes

Lunchtime tutor sessions focus on three Cs: building character, creating a culture of success and focus towards the currency of exam preparation. We believe that over the 5 years your child is with us, they will develop these skills through the delivery of the ‘Them and Us’ and ‘LORIC’ programmes.

Them and Us

‘Them and Us’ is an exciting new project focusing on changing the culture of our communities. It is about helping young people understand the importance of demonstrating kindness, showing respect and living without harm, not just to those people who are like them but to people who are not like them. How we relate to people who don’t think the same way as us, or believe the same things, is a crucial skill that needs to be taught.

We were delighted to be a national pilot school for this PiXL project in 2017.  We firmly believe in the core principles that underpin ‘Them and Us’ and therefore provide opportunities (through tutor time activities) that allow students to really practice those values.

PiXL Edge and LORIC

Education and industry partners, including the CBI and the National Careers Service have produced lists of desirable qualities for the workplace and the 5 ‘Edge’ Attributes - Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication - were selected as the most representative skills across all the research.  In a scheduled tutor programme, our students will learn about how to develop and demonstrate these key skills which will give them an ‘Edge’ in further education and the workplace. Students then log their development by setting themselves challenges focused on the Edge attributes over the course of the key stage. 

Year 7 Community Lunch

In September 2018, we launched the Year 7 Community Lunch with our new intake, during which all of our Year 7 students sit together with a selection of upper school prefects,  their tutors and other staff to enjoy their lunch in two large communal areas. The initiative was borne from a desire to bring together the school community, with staff and older students role modelling the social skills required for sitting calmly and respectfully, eating lunch and making conversation.

During Year 7 Community Lunch, a Values programme is delivered, encompassing sessions on all aspects of Values (as described above) and incorporating presentations from tutors, senior staff and subject experts (both internal and external) and from Year 7 students representing their tutor groups. There are also two sessions per week for students to discuss and debate the Values topics that they are learning about.