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Published on - 08-08-2017

Art & Design at Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students are introduced to a wide range of media to help them develop skills and assess their own strengths ready to make informed choices for GCSE study.

Students will have to opportunity to learn about many different art movements as well as explore a wide range of art materials.

Assessments will take place every half term and will focus on the level of understanding of the art, craft or design movement, development of ideas and the execution of skills and techniques being covered.

Year 7 and Year 8 extra-curricular art clubs will run on a weekly basis and all students are encouraged to attend. Such commitment and involvement will help to develop creative skills and also provide students with further opportunity to showcase their talents in costume and set design for our productions.

Art & Design at Key Stage 4
Students may choose to study GCSE Fine Art from year 9. This is delivered over one double and one single lesson per week.

At Key Stage 4 we lay solid foundations in the basic skills and techniques in art. Students are encouraged to follow their own path of investigation and develop their own response to a given topic or theme.
We follow the AQA Fine Art programme of study resulting in a single GCSE award.

Course Description:
All candidates will be given the opportunity to develop their creative skills using a wide range of media. They will be encouraged to study the work and methods of artists and designers. Firstly under guidance with the hope that they will learn to work independently, students will gain a wider appreciation of all forms of art from across the ages. Students will explore both 2D and 3D materials along with some aspects of photography. 

All students will undertake a series of projects and activities exploring the following possible areas:

Assessment / Examination Structure:
Assessments will take place every half term, and will be focused around one of the 4 assessment objectives. All students will now be marked on their use of written responses use to explain their ideas, developments and evaluations throughout each project.

There are several extended projects which will form a portfolio of coursework which will account for 60% of the overall GCSE grade.

The exam portfolio and final outcome accounts for 40% of the overall GCSE grade.

Year 10 and 11 students are expected to attend weekly ‘Zone’ sessions whereby students can spend more time on GCSE fine art projects. This time allows student to utilise the art studio and have access to a wide variety of art materials outside of their normal art lessons.