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Curriculum Changes for Year 10 in September 2016

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Published on - 13-06-2016

10 June 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

I write to inform you of some important and necessary changes to your child's curriculum, from September 2016, as they begin Year 10.  With the frequently changing picture of education, more specifically the new GCSEs - their content and assessment requirements - we have had to rebalance the curriculum being taught at Key Stage 4 to ensure that all students are able to achieve the best possible outcomes in order to successfully move, from Brighton Hill Community School, to Post-16 education at the end of Year 11.

The primary impact of these changes is to reduce the number of subjects effectively being studied and delivered across Key Stage 4.  This will provide additional curriculum time, including in science, in order to allow more time to access the more comprehensive and challenging GCSE content and assessment requirements to be taught and assessed.

For your son/daughter this will mean that they will reduce the number of subjects studied and in effect 'drop' one at the end of this year from their original five guided choices.  However, for those students studying Triple Science they will continue to do so, and all students will be required to continue with either geography and/or history; reducing their original choices to four.  Where a student is studying a language, we would recommend that this should be retained in order to allow, where appropriate, students to fulfil their original ambition to study the EBacc.  The large majority of students will continue to study 9 subjects.

As a school we remain committed to ensuring that all students have access to a balanced and relevant curriculum; to address this now, we feel is in the best interest for your child.  We believe that this decision will ensure that your son/daughter continues to be well prepared and in readiness for the next stage of their education after Year 11.

We shall be talking to all Year 9 students in an assembly, in the next few days, followed by a short but informed discussion with a senior member of staff to directly talk them through the process and subject changes.  For many students the subjects resolve themselves in light of the curriculum being rebalanced, for others it will mean a choice between two subjects becoming one.

All changes will be confirmed with your son/daughter before the end of the year.

Yours sincerely

Mr B Coley
Assistant Headteacher