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Published on - 24-04-2018

To Parents / Guardians of Students in Year 11

24 April 2018

Dear Parent / Guardian

Year 11 Important Dates & Structured Revision ‘Yellow Box’ Programme

As your son/daughter moves into his/her final weeks at Brighton Hill Community School before starting his/her GCSE Examination preparations, it is important that a few dates are shared with you as well as details of the structured revision sessions known as ‘Yellow Box Sessions’.  A programme is attached and can also be found on the school website; this document includes details of the full exam timetable.  

Yellow Box Sessions are final exam preparation sessions designed to support students on the day before, or the day of the final GCSE exam in each subject.

In addition, ‘Walking Talking Mocks’ (WTMs) will be held on the dates scheduled.   WTMs are an opportunity for students to complete an exam paper under guidance of their teachers in selected subjects.  WTMs have been shown to have a significant impact on student performance and we hope that our students will benefit from this experience this year.

You will notice on the schedule that students are expected to attend ALL yellow box sessions that take place during the school day and their GCSE exams when scheduled.  Until half term, students not in exams or yellow box sessions are expected to attend lessons as normal.  Yellow box sessions scheduled before or after school are highly recommended, although of course not compulsory.  

On Friday, 25 May students will attend their English Literature exam as normal.  Students will then be dismissed from school at 11:30am.  Study leave will begin from this time.  Design and Technology: Textiles students will remain in school that day for their Yellow Box session and afternoon exam.

After half term, students will only attend exams and yellow box sessions, and do not need to come to school for normal lessons.  However, if your child wishes to study in school at times when they have no exams, please contact me and I will make necessary arrangements to ensure they are supervised.

To summarise:

Please remember, that students must continue to wear correct school uniform at all times when in school.  Students may wear summer uniform from Tuesday, 8 May.

If any student requires additional support and guidance after the half term break, in addition to the structured sessions, please contact teachers directly to arrange; staff are always available to offer advice and guidance.

A final reminder, that the Prom takes place on Sunday, 1 July and the final payment for this is due by Friday, 4 May.  Please contact me if you have any problem making this payment.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your support throughout the time that your child has spent with us here at Brighton Hill Community School.  I would also like to wish all students good luck for the exams and of course the future.

Yours sincerely

Mr G Wilkinson

Assistant Headteacher

pdf document Structured Revision ‘Yellow Box’ Programme