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An update on the Year 8 Guided Choices process

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Published on - 17-03-2020


Dear Parent / Guardian 

As we move towards the end the Spring Term we approach the time for you and your child to consider the subjects that they would like to study at Key Stage 4, assisted by the Guided Choices process at Brighton Hill Community School.  In the coming days and weeks you will receive a letter, Guided Choices booklet with the subjects on offer to your child at Key Stage 4 and personalised Guided Choices form recommending a particular pathway for your child to follow.  In 'normal' circumstances, these would be given to your child to take home following a Guided Choices assembly in the last week of the spring term. However, in this current state of uncertainty we are not yet sure if this will still be possible or if we will need to provide the information to you electronically. Either way, we will do our best to ensure that you are in receipt of all of the information that you require.

Whilst we will not be running individual appointments with students and parents this year, we intend for the letter and the Guided Choices booklet that you will receive in due course to provide you with the information that you require in order to help your child  make well-informed choices about his/her GCSE courses.  Please use the advice, information and weblinks to possible future careers provided in the booklet to help inform your decision. We are currently unsure whether the Guided Choices evening on Wednesday 22nd April will take place; we will let you know in due course. Please bear with us whilst we adjust to the changing  national picture.

Kind regards

Mrs Sophie Hallum Barnard

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Faculty - Modern Foreign Languages

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