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Published on - 01-04-2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you as we approach the end of the second week of this unprecedented lockdown. It is still a great deal to try to process for us as staff, so it must be doubly difficult for your children to be able to manage their own emotions right now. Having said that, I am absolutely delighted to see how well our students seem to have responded to the work and challenges set by their teachers and must pay tribute to them for being so conscientious in the most difficult of times. It is heartening to read their feedback and your own feedback to the recent questionnaires which were send out; I am pleased to hear from you that we are pitching things at the right level in the majority of cases and I am also grateful for your kind comments, which have been passed onto the team.

I must also pass on my thanks to you as their “stand-in teachers”! I know myself what a struggle it is to try to teach your own children, so I am truly appreciative of you going the extra mile with your children, to help us to ensure that this extended break is not detrimental to their academic development.

Speaking of extended breaks, you have nearly earnt your first school holiday as a stand-in teacher! Friday afternoon was the confirmed date for the commencement of the Easter Holiday and I must encourage you to treat is as just that. The holidays are built in to the school year allow students and families to rest and recuperate in advance of the next term and it is more important now than ever that this rest takes place. Staff will not be setting timetabled work for the two-week break, apart from the odd “bridging task” which would ordinarily have been set as a holiday task.

So please, enjoy your well-earned rest and take plenty of time to recharge your batteries before we start again after the Easter break.

I wish you and your families all the very best of health and we cannot wait until we are all reunited at Brighton Hill Community School in the not-too-distant future.

Your faithfully,

Mr. C. Edwards