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Summer Uniform 2018

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Published on - 27-03-2018


27 March 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians

I am writing to inform you that students will be permitted to wear summer uniform from Tuesday, 8th May 2018.  The options for summer uniform include:

Please refer to the school’s website for further details of both the full uniform and summer uniform policies here at Brighton Hill Community School.

In addition, please be aware that the summer uniform policy will change from May 2019.  Students will no longer be allowed to wear the summer polo shirts from that time.  Therefore, this will be the final summer in which students are able to wear the BHCS polo shirts as part of the summer uniform.  We do not believe that the polo shirts reflect the high expectations and professional standards that we set here at Brighton Hill Community School.  Instead, the normal school uniform will be adapted to meet hot weather conditions in the summer – further details of this will be shared in the lead up to the summer of 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding school uniform, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.

Yours faithfully

Mr Guy Wilkinson

Assistant Headteacher