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Published on - 27-02-2019


Dear Parents and Carers,

You may have recently read about the Momo doll and her challenges on the news or on social media – but we felt it important to ensure all parents are aware of this horrendous and hugely concerning suicide game called ‘The Momo Challenge’ which has gone viral via YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites. 

Essentially, children are set various dangerous challenges by the Momo doll – a creepy looking doll that targets young children on social media.  Unfortunately, the Momo doll continues to set these challenges making them more dangerous each time – the final challenge is to commit suicide.  It is also reported that Momo (run by hackers) encourages children to add them as a contact via messenger services, so that Momo can send them violent images and dares them to take part in challenges detailed above.  It has been suggested that the underlying motive of these hackers is to harvest personal information from young people via the internet.

To make matters worse, the Momo doll reportedly tells children not to tell their parents or any other adults.  The Momo doll tells children that they will die, or their parents will die, if they tell.  Likewise, Momo threatens violence towards their families, if children do not complete the challenges that have been set.

Based on the reports in the news, I strongly suspect that most of our students – your children – will be aware of the Momo character and the challenges being set.  Therefore, we felt it important you know about this.  There are various reports in the news if you wish to read further details. 

However, in the immediate future we recommend the following:

 Please discuss this situation with your children and remind them the dangers of engaging in any such challenge

·         Read the attached document – this is an information and advice poster for parents which was released by National Online Safety

Finally, please let us know if you have any concerns or would like any further guidance on issues such as this.

Kind regards,

Mr Guy Wilkinson

Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)