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Published on - 17-05-2019

Dear Parents,

As a school, we are keen to support students that wish to cycle to school and want to provide space for bikes to be locked securely whilst on the school site.  We understand the health and well-being benefits that exercise, from cycling to school, can bring.

However, we must inform you that we have recently experienced a number of thefts of bikes that have been left on the school site.  The thefts have been conducted by a member of the public, who has entered the school site and cut bike locks using bolt cutters.  This has happened during the school day, whilst lessons are taking place.  Though these bikes have been locked on school grounds, they have been locked to the outside of the perimeter fence.  It is these bikes, locked to the school’s perimeter fence, that have been targeted.  CCTV footage of these incidents has been captured and passed to the police to assist with their enquiries.  We hope that the police are able to use this evidence to trace and apprehend the perpetrator.

Bikes in the bike shed have additional security as the bike shed is locked, with the bikes locked to railings inside the shed.  However, the bike shed does not currently have capacity for all bikes that are currently being brought to school.  This is due to the increased number of students now riding bikes to school.  As a result, we are looking to invest in additional locking areas that will be placed inside the perimeter of the school fence for improved security.  We will be installing these as soon as they have been provided by our suppliers.  Until this time – we will set up an area inside the perimeter fence for all bikes that do not fit in the bike shed.  This additional area will be by the entrance to the community hall next to the offices occupied by our Heads of Year.  However, I must stress the importance of arriving to school on time as the perimeter fence gates are locked when school starts at 8.25am – this is a safeguarding procedure to keep students safe.

In addition, our bike policy is attached.  It is important that parents are aware of this policy; there is some important information relating to the health and safety of students who choose to ride to school.

Therefore, we respectfully ask that all parents, and particularly those of students who choose to ride bikes to school, carefully read this policy and submit the attached form (on page 3 of the attachment) to reception.  Upon receipt of this form we will issue bike permits to all students cycling to school.  This is important as will be able to know how many bikes are being brought onto site so that we can provide adequate space for security purposes.  Currently, there are students cycling to school who do not have a bike permit and this makes it difficult to know the number of bikes that we need to cater for, and therefore your support with this is appreciated.  

Hard copies of the bike permit form will be available from reception upon request.  Please urge your child to collect a bike permit form if you are unable to print this form at home.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at the school at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,

Mr Guy Wilkinson

Assistant Headteacher

pdf document Bicycle Policy