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Year 8: Medical Mavericks

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Published on - 03-12-2019

Dear Year 8 Parent/Guardian

At Brighton Hill Community School we are very proud of our continued commitment to consistently developing our careers offer and keeping you up to date on linked activities.

On Friday 6th December we will be hosting ‘Medical Mavericks’!

The event will address the following key career programme benchmarks known Nationally as ‘The Gatsby 8 Benchmarks’

Benchmark 4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

Benchmark 5. Encounters with employers and employees

All Year 8 children will come off their timetable for 1 period on Friday, (their tutor will inform them which period) to participate in a 50 minute workshop:

Medical – ‘Careers in Health’ 

This workshop will showcase NHS careers that are accessible with GCSE grades as well as promote careers other than being a Doctor or Nurse.

Activities include:

We look forward to all our Year 8’s enjoying this unique experience.

Kind regards

Mr David Watkins
Deputy Headteacher