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The Governing Body’s Role and Responsibilities

Information & The Governing Body

Published on - 06-12-2018

Governors at Brighton Hill Community School take their role very seriously and have high expectations and ambition for the school.

The three main functions of the Governing Body are:

How do we fulfil that role?

There is an ambitious improvement plan for our school that will build on our strengths. We are using the current Ofsted descriptors for outstanding provision to measure progress in the following areas:

The Governing Body regularly reviews progress towards these targets and the actual impact on our students and outcomes at each of our meetings. 

We expect respectful and courteous behaviour between staff and students so that all can learn and that the school promotes equality, tolerance and British values.

To fulfil these requirements and to ensure the statutory policies and documentation that give the school its framework are in place, we have two main committees; Staff & Student Wellbeing and Finance/Environment. We also have committees to consider the Headteacher’s Performance Management and the Performance and Pay of School Staff.

At Governing Body meetings, we concentrate on student outcomes and the provision for disadvantaged students as well as safeguarding, attendance, exclusions and behaviour. We receive presentations from senior leaders and other school staff, consider the views of parents and students and report back our own findings through our planned visits to school.

The Governing Body and committees meet half termly.

If you want to talk to the Chair of the Governing Body, Mrs Jane Pratt, please speak to the School Office for her contact details.