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Published on - 13-03-2013

We are extremely proud of The Hub which opened in September 2012 with a vision to ‘serve inclusive learning’.  The centre provides the flexibility to work with individual students and groups of students in a way that serves the wider community as well as impacting positively upon learning.  This fantastic resourced area within the school is accessible to both students and others in the wider community.

The Hub is a facility designed to enhance student access to education, aiming to provide a personalised bespoke experience designed to impact positively on learning and on wider outcomes and to ultimately improve their attainment levels. With the involvement of parents/carers from the onset, a robust and concise Individual Action Plan, consisting of structured and SMART targets tailored to individuals needs, is agreed with the student.

Attendance is a key element to our role within the school, we work together with students and parents/carers to maintain attendance and support students in terms of achieving the highest rate possible.  The Hub staff are also primarily responsible for the welfare of the students, providing a safe place for students to take prescribed medication.

The Hub staff members include:

The support offered in The Hub includes:

Useful web links

Voluntary Services - Information about voluntary work and youth projects - Support for targeted students

Shaw Trust - Support young people in gaining employment

Basingstoke Young Carers - Support for young people who have to care for a sick or disabled relative