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Study & Mathematics

“We are passionate about our subject.  We firmly believe that a sound understanding of mathematics empowers and enables people to make informed choices throughout their lives.”

Mrs R Duffy  (Head of Faculty)

In Maths we teach students...

  • To approach all mathematical problems confidently and to become resilient and independent mathematicians.
  • To take a logical and systematic approach to problem solving and to recognise the value of perseverance and accuracy.
  • To evaluate the task and select the appropriate mathematical skills and techniques and to undertake calculations with the optimum efficiency.
  • To understand and express themselves using suitable mathematical language and notation.

By balancing the use of examples of mathematical concepts in everyday life against the more academic tools and techniques that are required for further study, we aim to equip our students with the skills they require now, whilst hopefully inspiring some to take their mathematical studies forward to the next level.  We do this by engaging students with a range of appropriate tasks and resources, matched to their ability by their teacher.  We understand the importance of providing a variety of learning experiences including practical exercises and puzzle- or game-based tasks, as well as the more traditional text book and exam-based resources.  Students are exposed to a wide range of information and communications technology (ICT) and are encouraged to further explore these tools when undertaking independent tasks.

We strive to make our teaching clear, positive and inspiring.  We highlight the relevance of mathematics in everyday life and aim to provide teaching that is committed to the pupils and their individual needs.

Mrs R Duffy - Head of Faculty (Maternity Leave)
Mr C Goldsworthy - Teacher (Acfting Head of Mathematics)
Mrs C Williams - Teacher
Miss T Duemke - Teacher
Mr R Appleton - Teacher

Mathematics at Key Stage 4

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Mathematics at Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 programme incorporates Years 7 and 8.  We believe that students achieve their mathematical potential most effectively when they are in a learning environment with peers of a comparable ability.  We recognise that students develop at different rates and that groupings need t...

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