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Guide to BHCS Progress Model

Published: 19-10-2021

Year 7 Baseline Tracker Explained

The Year 7 Baseline Tracker provides the following key information to parents and students:

Subject: The subject areas your child is studying at KS3.

End of Year 11 Projected Performance Band:  An indication of final GCSE grade range outcomes for your child, in each subject, should they continue to study them into KS4.  

Year 7 Baseline fine grade: he starting grade for each subject, from which all progress will be measured across the coming years.

Attendance to date: The % of AM & PM sessions attended to date*.

* please be aware of the government guidelines regarding attendance coding of attendance related to COVID.

Students marked absent due to Covid-19 symptoms and/or positive LFT tests should be marked as ‘X’ and therefore are not penalised on their school attendance. However, students returning a positive PCR test result will be coded as ‘I’ (ill) and therefore ‘absent’ for that period of isolation/recovery. 

For a more in depth understanding about how the information on your child's tracker is determined you can watch this supporting video. Additionally, you can review this detailed BHCS Progress Model: Parent & Student Guide.

In February you will receive your child's first Progress Tracker, this will show your child's progress in each subject, measured against the Year 7 baseline fine grade and give an indication if they are still on track to remain within their end of year 11 performance band. Additionally, the Progress Tracker will give you feedback on your child's attitude to learning.

BHCS Progress Trackers

"Our mission at Brighton Hill Community School is to create and maintain a culture where success is inevitable. In order to succeed, our students must have a clear vision of the journey they are on and the progress they are making on that journey.

We pride ourselves on developing the whole child on, not only their academic progress but their pastoral development too. The 'Brighton Hill Community School Progress Model - Parent and Student Guide' is designed to provide you with an outline on how you can understand, monitor and support your child's academic progress and their inevitable journey to success."


Window release dates of progress trackers by term and year group.

 Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Baseline Progress Tracker

18th October

Progress Tracker 1

20th February28th November3rd October23rd January7th November
Progress Matrix Comparison Point Term 1Term 1Term 1Term 1Term 1
Progress Tracker 2

3rd July24th April15th May26th June13th March
Progress Matrix Comparison Point Term 3Term 2Term 2Term 3Term 2


pdf document Brighton Hill Community School Progress Model - Parent and Student Guide