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Brighton Hill Community School

The School Day

Published: 11-08-2021

At Brighton Hill Community School, the school day consists of 6 x 50 minute lessons with morning tutor time and an afternoon Values lesson, and is structured as follows:

8.25am Morning tutor time
8.45am Period 1
9.35am Period 2
10.25am Morning break
10.40am Period 3
11.30am Period 4
12.20pm Years 7-8: Values lesson
Years 9-11: Lunch time
12.50pm Years 7-8: Lunch time
Years 9-11: Values lesson
1.20pm Period 5
2.10pm Period 6

A range of Zone 11 sessions are offered to Year 11 students before school, during afternoon tutor and after school which effectively optionally extend the school day for Year 11s.

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